Portleer Aroma 過三歲生日囉~~~! Portleer Aroma’s 3rd Anniversary!


Portleer Aroma 過三歲生日囉~~~!


回首這匆匆過去的三年,有許多汗水、淚水、熬夜調製配方、包裝出貨、收集資料、連絡國外供應商的日子,感謝一路相挺的好友們與忠實的國內外客戶群,Portleer Aroma 才能成長到今天三周年的模樣 ~


從2013年11月初開始構思企畫產品概念、撰寫配方、 進口原料、尋找包裝、產品製造、標籤設計、商品攝影、行銷文案與網頁製作,全部流程自己包辦。2013年12月Portleer Aroma淘寶店鋪建立,從看不見實物的產品概念、精油配方到100%自己創造的實體商品拍照與上架的過程,其中的成就感無法言喻~




自2015年初至今不停地研發配方、親身體驗配方效果與調整產品定位,日子過得飛快,感覺一轉眼 Portleer Aroma 已經過三歲生日了!


Portleer Aroma 未來會堅持自我的芳香產品理念與持續研發新商品,結合這三年來的成長軌跡與顧客的使用心得, 期許升級v3.0 版本的Portleer Aroma可以擴大成為喜愛天然植物香氣的朋友喜愛逗留駐足的小天地。


歡迎有空來我們的市集攤位或是FB/微店/淘寶網路商店逛逛 ~


2016 December

Portleer Aroma’s 3rd Anniversary!

It’s Portleer Aroma’s 3rd anniversary!

Since my initial planning of product concepts, writing recipe, importing oils from different vendors located in different continent, searching for suitable product packaging and label layout, taking photographs, creating marketing brochures from scratch to actual website design in November 2013, I took charge everything from the beginning to the end process.


From the intangible product concepts to the touchable product presence to be able to list on the Taobao internet store, I could hardly express 1% in words of my true feelings, there were lots of hard work with tears and also in a sweat. Since then, there were so many late nights of writing recipes, collecting vendors information, packaging bottles and boxes before the weekend market days. I do appreciate the fully support from my family, friends and certainly all the returning customers since then.   


My first debut in Shanghai weekend market, I sold my handmade aroma products to local customers with unexpected sales in the 3-day event. After moving back to Taipei, it’s easier to access and choose high quality vendors, polished packaging and flexible label design. All these  advantages saved me so much energy to work on my recipes.

I was writing my recipes after referencing more than 30 recipes. My family and friends tried out my recipe before each product launch. Marketing positioning was required to be modified after receiving customers’ feedback. And unexpectedly, now it’s Portleer Aroma’s 3rd anniversary!


I will expand my personal aroma product concepts and new developments in the near future. Combining the experiences from the past 3 years and the feedback from Portleer Aroma’s users, I expect Portleer Aroma will be an authentic aroma loving space for each aroma lovers. 


Please come to see our weekend market booth or internet stores on Facebook, Shopee, WeiDian and Taobao~ 



Facebook/IG/蝦皮/微信/微店/淘寶: Portleer

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